Themba - a boy called hope

Dijk, Lutz van, 2010
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Medienart Buch
ISBN 978-1-906582-21-0
Verfasser Dijk, Lutz van Wikipedia
Systematik E4Au - Autoren mit Sekundärliteratur
Interessenskreis Themenbox Südafrika
Schlagworte AIDS, Fußball, Südafrika, Township
Verlag Aurora Metro Books
Ort Twickenham
Jahr 2010
Umfang 183 S.
Altersbeschränkung keine
Sprache englisch
Annotation Growing up in rural Africa, Themba dreams of becoming a famours footballer. One day he leaves his village and travels with his sister to the city in search of their mother. Life is struggle there and Themba has to grow up fast. A lucky break gives him the chance to train as a footballer in the premier league. Finally, he's playing professionally and everyone wants to know about the rising young star - but Themba has a secret - should he tell the truth and risk everything he's ever dreamed of?